Our Mission

In a competitive environment like Olympic Taekwondo, it's important to keep motivated, working for the development or our athletes and of our sport. A group of like-minded coaches comes together to face the challenges as a global Taekwondo team, sharing resources, knowledge and sharing amazing experiences with their teams.

Our story

For over 20 years, several Taekwondo coaches have been training alone, sporadically contacting other coaches and teams in competitions and very few times outside competition. With the globalization of the sport, the new communication technologies and a newly interconnected world, our coaches connected themselves on a Taekwondo loving network.

Our Team

The first camp and the cornerstone for the ITA was in 2011 but since then our team came together with members from all 4 corners of the world.

There are four founding members, other board members, and affiliated members.

Photo Jesus

Jesús Ramal

Founder and President

It all started with Jesús, his camp and his closest Taekwondo friends were the first ones he shared the ITA concept with. The yearly Winter Training Camp organized by Jesús Ramal is the highlight of the ITA's yearly activities.

Photo Cesar

César Valentim

Founder and Board Member

Working with Jesús for almost 20 years, César has been a part of the concept and the camps since the first year. With several works developed for the World Taekwondo, IOC and IPC, he brings a lot of knowledge and networking for the ITA.

Photo Dennis

Dennis White

Founder and Board Member

The strong ITA connection with North America has been accomplished by Dennis. His longtime Taekwondo experience, his international expertise and the sports performance and results are a valuable asset for the ITA.

Photo Dannz

Danny Crkvencic

Founder and Board Member

The biggest team affiliated with the ITA is unquestionable in Australia. Danny uses his academic and business backgrounds to develop Taekwondo programs that are both successful in membership numbers and competition results.

Photo Daniel

Daniel Brisotto

Board Member

Our Brasilian member is the youngest of the ones joining the ITA board but has been one of the most valuable resources. Daniel is a University Professor of Sports Science and his Taekwondo programs are successful in all Taekwondo disciplines.